Winter, Frost and Sensibility

The old man’s dream now has ended much too soon
Forgotten rests the wisdom that brought them once so far
Vanished until rebirth, we sleep the endless sleep
For one who knows never tries to reappear …

Fischer’s lyrics effortlessly beget an ambiance of mysticism but the poetic elegance is an uncanny aberration. Undoubtedly, there is a certain harmony across his lyrical theme and musical composition but the aesthetic lyrics seem like a lone deviation from the remaining morbid like attributes.

Tonal harshness is invariably mistaken for dissonance, Celtic Frost epitomizes sheer melodic conformance, there is a definite tonal center and very much conventional in that sense and accessible too. The overbearing aspects of theatricality and diabolical themes act as a wall separating these guys from the mainstream.

Conceptual complexity of Celtic Frost can be effortlessly accommodated by their musical adherence. Deviation from this blueprint might dilute the whole statement, imagine how distracting an atonal wankery can be in between “Necromantical screams”.  Without refuting the existence of an avant-garde-prog-black-math-metal we can safely say that such a sound will simply fail to prod the the same emotions as say “Return to the Eve“. Fischer did manage to broaden the boundaries of sanity set for musical expression but then Everything burns…. leaving the most compelling of its ashes to sift through the frosty winds.

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